Who is the ‘not so couch potato’?

Simple answer – ME.  Once a couch potato always a couch potato right?  Nope.  Not always the case!  Now, don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the odd weekend here and there where I revert to watching TV – the total vege!  But every other weekend – WELL that is a different story.  Sadly, what I found when I went online to find places to hike/walk/tramp.  All I could find was site for advanced, ultra fit hikers/walkers/trampers.  Yeah that helps when you are all that great on climbing steps, step grades, water crossings etc etc etc!


And where are the sites that explains the grading system!  Come up there – everyone bags the potatoes – but give them a helping hand to get off the couch – HELL NO.  So after starting a walk that I had read was an easy walk only to have to turn around half way.  Broken and feeling that I should just return to my couch where I belonged; I decided to start this blog.

This blog is for all – people that are new to the hiking/walking/tramping and those who are old hands as well.  Over the next few (years) I am going to post once a week.  Mostly with easy to medium hikes/walks/tramps but eventually with advanced hikes/walks/tramps.

These posts will have general directions, parking, and details of the hike/walk/tramp.  The details will include what to expect, what facilities you can find on the hikes/walks/tramps and photos that I take along the way.  Yes all posts will be about hikes/walks/tramps that I have actually done before.  Nothing grinds me more that reading a post on other sites about hikes/walks/tramps and finding out that they are incorrect mostly because the author of the post has not taken the time to actually do the hike/walk/tramp.


Now, some of you may know me from my other blog – Living Like Mabel.  Rest assure, I will continue with our travel blog BUT this blog is a seperate blog all together, with a seperate purpose.  While both blogs may cross over from time to time – this blog will be about hiking



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